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Scandal at the Savoy. A drama that is true Grand-Guignol. East meets West. Three fatal shots fired amid a violent thunderstorm. Sudden death in a luxurious London hotel. The terrifying denouêment of a tempestuous marriage. A beautiful Frenchwoman 'with a past' on trial for her life. A millionaire Egyptian husband, depicted as bestial and sexually perverted in racist stereotype. Enormous riches. Couture by Chanel, jewellery by Cartier, accessories by Van Cleef & Arpels and Louis Vuitton. Triumphant acquittal against the weight of the evidence.

Scandal at the Savoy shows how unscrupulous defence tactics and media frenzy can sometimes allow the guilty to walk free from court.

(Bloomsbury 1991; Fushosha Japan 1993)

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