The Prince, The Princess and the Perfect Murder

'Andrew Rose...cracks the case in dramatic detail, with compelling new evidence of a secret conspiracy by the royals and the judiciary..'
Iain Finlayson, The Times

'...fascinating...Andrew Rose was himself a judge and his lengthy account of the trial is magnificent.'
Selina Hastings, The Spectator

The Woman before Wallis

'Downton Abbey will seem pretty tame after [The Woman before Wallis]'
Billy Heller, New York Post

'...extraordinary details...highly evocative..a fascinating book full of wonderful period detail....required reading for students of the British monarchy's most reviled individual.'
Tom Sykes, The Daily Beast

'A really dishy read...meticulously researched...captures the opulence, pomposity and peccadilloes of the aristocracy that flourished on both sides of the Channel'
Sandra McElwaine, Washington Times

'Riveting...a vivid account of the social and political history of the era'
Moira Hodgson, Wall Street Journal

Stinie: Murder on the Common

'Rose...investigates assiduously and finds new evidence...'
Marcel Berlins, The Times

'The fascinating jigsaw of evidence that Rose assembles...left no doubt whatever about Morrison's innocence'
Colin Wilson, Ham and High

'Rose... arouses anger at the manner in which justice can be perverted, as well as grim laughter at the gallery of rogues who paraded as witnesses'
Gerald Kaufman, MP Manchester Evening News

'A convincing theory...deep knowledge of Edwardian society and personalities...' West Coast Review of Books (USA)

Scandal at the Savoy

'Cleverly shaped so as to be both funny and sickening...compulsively entertaining...always alert to the story's sheer juiciness'
Jonathan Keates, Observer

'A vivid account of this drama of life and death...with a background of postwar decadence and extravagance.'
Diana Mosley, Sunday Telegraph

'A judicious eye...the basic key to the success of this Rose's fascination with the Twenties and his justifiable suspicion that, in the matter of the encounter between West and East, the period continues to be only too relevant'
Marek Kohn, Independent

Lethal Witness: Sir Bernard Spilsbury, Honorary Pathologist

'This splendidly well written and constructed book'
Sarah Wise, Daily Telegraph

'Highly readable..and entertaining'
Theodore Dalrymple, Spectator

'This accomplished biography...will be a guilty pleasure... An impressive exploration ...of courtroom science as a drama of authority.'
Marek Kohn, Independent

'Spilsbury was generally believed...even when he was wrong. This book has a fascinating account of his lethal effect on the great murder trials of the last century'
The late Sir John Mortimer QC

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