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The books

Andrew's latest book is
The Prince, The Princess and the Perfect Murder (Coronet)

(published in the US by Picador as The Woman before Wallis: Prince Edward, The Parisian Courtesan and the Perfect Murder)

**Now available in paperback**

Grisly murderers, bent detectives, pompous judges, wobbly witnesses, unscrupulous doctors, glamorous courtesans, obsequious royal courtiers - and at least one feckless Prince of Wales - play their roles in Andrew's books. Stories of criminals (and those unjustly condemned), of dupes, victims and innocent bystanders, are set against the world in which they lived. Elements of class, race, sexuality, popular culture, music and contemporary fashion, feature in each narrative. As far as possible, Andrew uses original source material, including unpublished private correspondence and official files (many opened on his application).

Andrew writes only about subjects which resonate for him. He feels passionately that these intimate life histories, rescued from dusty attics and closed archives, speak to us today and richly deserve a wider audience.

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It is indeed charming
sport to hear trials upon life and death... Well, the fellow
was hanged, as to be sure it cou'd be no otherwise...

Henry Fielding, Tom Jones