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Never told before, a true story officially airbrushed from history since the 1920s, the stormy relationship between the Prince of Wales (later King Edward VIII and Duke of Windsor) and his first love, a remarkable woman, beautiful, ruthless, even tougher than Wallis Simpson.

This major royal scandal - involving the brutal murder of an Egyptian playboy and efforts to protect the Prince from exposure as a treacherous wastrel - was superbly covered up by the British Establishment and has remained secret ever since.

This book is the product of several years' research, accessing unpublished documents held in the Royal Archives and private collections in England and France.

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The Woman before Wallis
The Prince, the Princess and the Perfect Murder

The highly successful television documentary Edward VIII's Murderous Mistress, commissioned by Channel Four, was exclusively based on Andrew's book.

'The evidence Rose used to build up his case was superb...Finally someone has done justice to the very wicked Maggie Meller.'
Christopher Stevens, Daily Mail

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